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Ana Lucia

Ben Linus







  • Przez siebie samego
 "Colonel Bloody Kurtz" by Charlie Pace in [S1E18]
 "Bloody Nutter" by Charlie Pace in [S1E18]
 "Happy-Go-Lucky Good Time Hurley" by Charlie Pace in [S1E18]
 "The Fat Guy" by Leslie Arzt in [S1E23]
 "Pally" by Leslie Arzt in [S1E24]
 "Chucklehead" by Starla in [S2E4]
 "Frickin' Fabio" by Johnny in [S2E4]
 "Huggy Bear" by Johnny in [S2E4]
 "Ponyboy" by Johnny in [S2E4]
 "Honey" by Rose Henderson in [S2E4]
 "Hu-Go" by Starla in [S2E4]
 "Shrink" by Jack Shephard in [S2E9]

 "Baby" by Dave in [S2E18]
 "Amigo" by Dave in [S2E18]
 "Hombre" by Dave in [S2E18]
 "Big Guy" by Dave in [S2E18]
 "Brother" by Desmond Hume in [S3E3]
 "Little Dude" by David Reyes in [S3E10]
 "Buddy" by David Reyes in [S3E10]

"Buddy" by Jack Shephard in [S4E1] "Buddy" by Mike Walton in [S4E1] "My Friend" by Mike Walton in [S4E1]

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